The real stories under shy

They tell me, people who writes are often sad..

Is this why I am writing? Perhaps. But, the purpose of this blog is to write my biography.

Hey, if you are not interested. You still have time to exit.

My version  of life is very typical. I wont tell you I am different at all. Because Im one with the hypes, I am one with the people who follows. I am no leader at all.

I grew up in the province, but I managed to escape the life given to me. At the age of 13, I learned how to travel away, of course not in a very independent way. I was adopted for a year by my aunty and finished my high school somewhere in North. But I tell you, its almost 10 hours away from home.

That experience I must say was a milestone in my life, I learned there the basics. The things I know I wont learn in any textbooks or novels. The experience of being away, and making decisions at your own. The experience of being deprived but happy because it benefits the other. I know, being selfless is not a way for it but that …

Design in figment

Heart beats like a traffic light in a red sign Didnt feel good in the inside, as well as the outside Mind is floating, tired of the thoughts Feet is complaining for walking this talk
But youre in my dreams Im certain of that Your beautiful face going away, making a gap I can still see your smile on the stars we once kept Holding this tears like a rainclouds ready to rest
Lets take the risk, ride the boat Perhaps you dont mind that we drive both Sailing deeper in the heart of each My hope is you, like figment, will be with me on the beach.

Weak. Lone. Just body

I sing I dance, I smile on the wind
I can draw myself perfectly, the image of how I like myself to be
Put clothes that doesn’t fit me
Always end up to be on a four sided destiny

I stupid, stick with the untrue
Fake, kosher, classic felicitous you
My only reality is what’s inside this bed
Temporary dreams still speaks on this shitty head

Nude foods my agitation
Keep yourself away, one big distraction
Artistic and graceful, this is my surrogate pride
Travel away, run free go stride

I lost me, in the dilemma of love
She that is brave, fights for what’s above
Men fears worth and seek nothingness
Don’t ask for my love dear, you are full of hatred

Malayo man, malapit din.

Hindi almusal ang hinahanap ko sa umaga, kundi ang sagot sa problema na kagabi ko pa dinadala. Matagal ko nang pinapangarap na mawala nalang ang problema ko pagkagising ko o kaya ako nalang ang mawala. Tatawid ba ako o hindi, sampong sigundo nalang ang natitira sa malaking pulang ilaw sa kalsada na nagdidikta sa galaw ng bawat isa. Nakaugalian ko ng tumingin sa ilaw na hindi para sakin, dahil yung sakin ay hindi naman nasusunod, o kaya mahirap gawin upang makarating sa kabilang pisngi ng kalsada. Hindi ako nakatawid. May kung anong humila sa akin. Malayo pa naman ang pupuntahan ko. Hindi pwedeng may pumigil nanaman sakin. Kelangan makarating ako. Kahit na marami pa ang nakaharang sa daan. Kahit na sankatutak na usok pa ang aking maharap, titiisin ko. Malayo pa ang pupuntahan ko. Malayo pa sa inaakala mo. Hindi na ako makahinga, ang hirap hanapan ng pwesto sa bibig ko. Lakad lang ang ginagawa ko. Hindi ko maramdaman ang pagod at paulit ulit na pagtapak ko sa di pantay na daan, mas nara…